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27-kennedy-2-3The Qantas Founders Museum has been contacted by a gentleman called Jim Kennedy who is trying to trace descendants of Alexander Kennedy or his brothers James Duff Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.

For those who do not know, Alexander Kennedy was vital in the establishment of Qantas by purchasing £250 of shares in the company in 1920, being a Provisional Director, a guarantor for the infant company’s first bank overdraft and being the passenger on the first scheduled QANTAS service from Longreach to Cloncurry on 3 November 1922.

Jim Kennedy is the great great nephew of Alexander Kennedy and is on a mission to find other descendants of Alexander Kennedy so as to organise a family reunion in Longreach in November 2020, the same month Qantas Airways will be celebrating their 100th anniversary.

If you are a descendant of Alexander Kennedy or his brothers James Duff Kennedy or Robert Kennedy, please contact Jim or Kathy Kennedy on

Please find below, a little more information about Alexander Kennedy.

Alexander Kennedy left Plymouth England on 6th August 1861 arriving in Queensland on 12th Nov. 1861 on the sailing ship “Persia”.  He married Marion Murray at Rockhampton in 1871. From 1876 – 1919 Alexander Kennedy held properties on the Barcoo, ”Buckingham Downs” on Sulieman Creek, “Noarnside” which he renamed “Noranside” on the Burke River, “Calton Hills” around the heads of the East & West Leichardt Rivers.  Kennedy formed a partnership with Roger Sheaffe from “Devoncourt” south of Cloncurry. The partnership saw the amalgamation of “Devoncourt”, “Calton Hills”, “Parkside”” and “Bushy Park”. In 1885 Kennedy was elected to the first Cloncurry Divisional Board (forerunner to the Council) and continued to hold a local government position for 30 years. In 1907 the Kennedy family moved from “Devoncourt” into the township of Cloncurry.

In 1895 Alexander’s son, Jack, discovered the mineral deposit which became the Duchess copper mine, about 100 kms south west of Cloncurry.  The discovery was sold to a mining company for Fifteen thousand pounds which seemed like a good deal to the Kennedys but over the next ten years, Hampden Cloncurry Copper Mines extracted copper worth more than Two million pounds from their investment of Fifteen thousand pounds. In 1919 Kennedy, who’d retired to Cloncurry, met Paul McGinness who was waiting for Fysh to rejoin him from Darwin & he talked to Kennedy about his vision for an air service in Western Qld.  Hudson Fysh, Fergus McMaster and Paul McGinness over a period of two years worked on their dream of establishing an air service in western Queensland.  Alexander Kennedy was approached to help finance the dream. He is reported to have said “I know you well and believe in your judgement. I will put in Two hundred pounds”.  McMaster said “Make it Two hundred and fifty pounds.  Kennedy agreed with one condition –“that I am the first passenger when a regular service starts”.   At the time of this conversation, Kennedy was 83 years old.

In November 1922 Kennedy caught the train from Brisbane to Longreach and on 3rd November 1922 climbed into the back seat of the Armstrong Whitworth FK-8 with Fysh as pilot. Alexander held Ticket No. 1 on the first scheduled service from Longreach to Cloncurry.  Alexander Kennedy was a few days short of his 85th birthday.

Alexander Kennedy’s brothers James and Robert Kennedy came out to Australia with Alexander and settled in North West Queensland.


18 thoughts on “Are you a descendant of Alexander Kennedy?

  1. Finlay Stalker says:

    Hi, we are from Aberdeen, Scotland. My papa, Alexander Clark Brebner, traced back many family roots and found a lot of information on Alexander Kennedy. He researched this for many years as he discovered we may have links to him. Just intrigued as trying to carry on his research.

    • Tony Martin says:

      Dear Finlay

      Thank you for your message. We would very much encourage you to get hold of Jim and Kathy Kennedy with the information they have as they would really appreciate it.

  2. Michelle Kennedy says:

    Thanks Tony for the post. My sisters and I are great, great nieces of Alexander Kennedy. We knew of the connection, but not of Jim who has now been in touch. We are looking forward to the catch up in 2020.

  3. Kylie says:

    This is my great grandfather.
    My grandfather was Norman Kennedy and my mother is Dallas Kennedy (Randall)

    • Ainsley Mulcahy says:

      Hi kylie I am a great great grandaughter of Alexander on the Norman line, my grandmother was Norma Kennedy(married name Monteith) his eldest child. We hope to be in longreach for 2020 with my father who is great grandson.

    • Ainsley mulcahy says:

      Hi Kylie my father has not heard of Dallas Kennedy as Norman never had a daughter called Dallas. He had a Norma And Elizabeth and Heather no Dallas. Could you provide more info please as the family are intrigued thanks

      • Cameron Kennedy says:

        Hi Ainsley, Alexander,s oldest son ,John Peter , had four children,the youngest was Norman Harold Kennedy. He had four children,Dallas,Helen,Marion and Cameron. Kylie is Dallas,s eldest child. The name Norman ,Marion,Duff, Hope,and Cameron runs through the Kennedy clan .Hope that explains our side of the clan . Catch up in 2020. Cameron Kennedy

        • Ainsley Mulcahy says:

          Thanks Cameron my father did some digging around in old photos and found you all. We were looking a generation earlier with the norman connection. Found out some interesting family info recently when in scotland. Alexander was not born in Dunkeld. Can,t wait to meet in 2020 cheers Ainsley

      • Helen says:

        Hi Ainsley
        Kylie is great grand-daughter of John Peter, eldest son of Alexander. Norman Harold (d.1995) was youngest son of John Peter, and her grandfather, my father. He had four children, Dallas, Kylie’s mother, Helen, Marion and Cameron.

  4. Ainsley Mulcahy says:

    Hi kylie I am a great great grandaughter of Alexander on the Norman line, my grandmother was Norma Kennedy(married name Monteith) his eldest child. We hope to be in longreach for 2020 with my father who is great grandson.

  5. Cameron kennedy says:

    Hi All. I’m getting more information but what I know is Alexander’s oldest son ,John Peter, his youngest son was Norman Harold. Norman was our father( Dallas, Helen,Marion and Cameron) were his children.Kylie is Dallas’s oldest child

  6. Helen says:

    Hi, Kylie is actaully Alexander,s great great grand-daughter, John Peter (Jack) Alexander’s first son is her great grandfather, Norman Harold his son is her grandfather, Dallas is his eldest daughter. Norman Harold Kennedy has 3 daughters and 1 son , Dallas, Helen, Marion and Cameron. We look forward to 2020 Longreach

  7. Meg Allen says:

    Hi all, My Mum’s mum, Marion Hack (née Kennedy) was the daughter of John Peter, Alexander’s son. He was my great, great Grandfather

  8. Pat Cummins says:

    I am the grandaughter of Norman Alexander Kennedy and great grandaughter of Alexander Kennedy.
    my granny was Maudie and she was on Boomera Station.
    I have been in contact with Kath and Jim hope to be at the reunion in 2020.

    • Qantas Founders Museum says:

      Thank you for contacting us Pat. We hope you can make it out to Longreach for the Qantas Centenary celebrations in 2020.

  9. Jeremiah Llewellyn says:

    My great grandmother was Olive Llewelly(kennedy). My grandfather David Llewellyn Sr, my father David Llewellyn Jr. This was a wonderful find!

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