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The Qantas Founders Museum Super Constellation Project is moving at a great pace as the Super Constellation aircraft (Connie) fuselage is now stripped of its paint and painting has begun.

In early February 2018 the team from the Quick Strip Dustless Blasting Services (QSDBS) arrived in Longreach to begin the process of stripping and repainting the aircraft. QSDBS will complete the repainting of the aircraft in stages with the Super Constellation fuselage being stage one. Follow this link to see an interview with Kim McFarlane from QSDBS talking about the project.









QSDBS, who are based in Cairns, wasted no time in getting the Super Constellation Project site ready for their work and since they arrived on site it has been a hive activity. To see time lapse footage of the aircraft’s fuselage being moved into position for painting, click on this link.

To ensure the aircraft is ready for blasting and then painting, volunteers are working hard in hot conditions to prepare the aircraft’s surfaces. Thank you to these volunteers for your time and effort. We would also like to thank the Qantas metal sheet workers from the Brisbane Maintenance Base who have assisted the museum with this work over several weeks. Qantas Founders Museum appreciates the ongoing support of Qantas.









The Super Constellation is expected to be repainted and reassembled by July 2018.

To follow the progress of the aircraft, follow the museum’s Facebook Page.

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