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Qantas Founders Museum

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6 July 2018


Qudos Bank has donated $5,000 towards the Qantas Founders Museum’s Super Constellation Project in Longreach, as part of the partnership between the two organisations.

The partnership between Qudos Bank, previously known as Qantas Credit Union, and Qantas Founders Museum was formed in March 2018 with a goal to contribute significantly to the preservation of the heritage of Qantas through Museum projects.  The Super Constellation Project is the first Museum project to receive support from Qudos Bank.

CEO of Qantas Founders Museum, Tony Martin, said as a not for profit organisation the Museum was grateful to Qudos Bank and its members’ for their support of the Museum and its projects.

“Qantas Founders Museum is incredibly thankful for the support of Qudos Bank and we are excited about where this new partnership will lead.”

“The Super Constellation Project is a significant project for our Museum and will tell an important part of the history of Qantas and of its employees, which is all the more relevant with the upcoming Centenary of the airline in 2020,” Mr Martin said.

Qudos Bank Executive Manager, Strategic Marketing, Joff Stevens, said the Bank felt an instant connection to the “Connie” restoration project the moment it became aware of it.

“Almost two thirds of our customers either currently work for Qantas or are former employees, so we are delighted to support it. We have promoted the project through Qudos Bank’s Facebook page and through our newsletter and will to continue to encourage our customers to make contributions to this iconic aircraft.  We congratulate the team of volunteers and everybody at the Qantas Founders Museum who have worked tirelessly on the restoration.”

When it was a credit union the now Qudos Bank had as its members predominantly Qantas staff and their families. Those staff, past and current, will be looking forward to celebrating 100 years of Qantas achievements in 2020 and it is most appropriate that Qudos Bank is a part of that process.


Qantas Founders Museum is a not for profit organisation which tells the story of Australia’s national airline, Qantas Airways, and how it began in Western Queensland in 1920. The Museum, which has an annual visitation of 42,000 people, has a variety of exhibits, interactive displays, artefacts and aircraft including an original Qantas Boeing 747, Qantas’ first Boeing 707, an original Qantas DC3, the Lockheed Super Constellation and a Consolidated Catalina flying boat together with replicas of early-era aircraft.


In September 2014, the museum was the successful bidder for Lockheed Super Constellation N4247K, in an auction held by the Manila International Airport Authority. The aircraft, which had been grounded in Manila for 25 years, had been used by World Fish and Agriculture Inc to transport fish cargo and had been previously operated by the United States Navy.

Over two and a half years, the aircraft has been extracted from it mud encrusted position, disassembled and transported by ship from Manila to Townsville and by truck from Townsville to Longreach, arriving in Longreach in late May 2017.

Since January 2018, with the support of Qantas Engineering a devoted team of volunteers have worked to repair and replace corroded sections of the aircraft and reassemble it to be a static display. The final paint work is being completed with the aircraft to wear the Qantas 1950’s Super Constellation livery.  The external restoration of the aircraft is expected to be completed by July 2018. The next stage of the project will be the internal restoration of the aircraft which will include a display area explaining the history of the Qantas Constellations and a recreation of part of the passenger cabin. The internal restoration of the Super Constellation is expected to be completed by 2020.

To donate to the museum and its projects, go to the Qantas Founders Museum website donation page at: and follow the links or contact the museum by phone on: 07 4658 3737 or email:


The Lockheed Constellation is an iconic aircraft in the history of Qantas and Australian aviation for the following reasons:

  • The Constellation operated the Qantas Kangaroo Route air services between Sydney and London from 1947.
  • The Constellation was the first aircraft that enabled Qantas to establish and sustain long-range overseas air service in its own right.
  • This was the longest air service in the world using the same aircraft all the way.
  • A Super Constellation operated the first Qantas trans-Pacific air service in 1954.
  • The Constellation was the first Qantas aircraft to feature flight hostesses.
  • The Constellation was the first pressurised aircraft operated by Qantas, bringing significantly increased comfort and operational reliability to long distance routes.
  • Qantas Super Constellations operated the first ever regular round-the-world air service via both hemispheres in 1958.


Media Contact: Tony Martin – Qantas Founders Museum – 07 4658 3737.

Helen McCombie – Qudos Bank – 02 8234 0103

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