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21 OCTOBER 2019


Visitors are invited to travel to Outback Queensland, the region where Qantas was established, to celebrate the centenary of Australia’s national airline.

Qantas Founders Museum has announced its program of events to celebrate the centenary of Qantas in 2020 and is encouraging people young and old, to be a part of this important milestone in Australia’s history.

Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services – QANTAS, was established on the 16 November 1920 with its office in Winton. In 1921 the airline started flying and moved its main operations to Longreach where they provided passenger service to outback Queensland.

Qantas Founders Museum CEO Tony Martin said visiting the Museum and outback Queensland would give visitors real insight into the early days of Qantas and appreciate how the airline has developed and grown.

“In 2020, Australia will celebrate the centenary of its national airline, Qantas Airways, and where better to celebrate this incredible milestone and inspiring history than where it all began in outback Queensland,” Mr Martin said.

“Our Museum is dedicated to telling the history of Qantas and in 2020 we have a number of exciting events to mark this important anniversary including gala evenings, a fly in weekend, community events, centenary exhibitions and more.

“There is no better place to understand the trials and tribulations of Qantas and Northern Australia’s need for an aerial service in the 1920s than in outback Queensland where you can experience the wide open spaces, the remoteness of the region and the country communities who supported the airline.”

Qantas Founders Museum’s Celebration of the Qantas Centenary Program of Events is as follows:

  • Local Community Airpark Roof Launch – Saturday 2 May 2020

    Our local community is invited to explore the Museum’s new Airpark Roof.

  • Red & White Gala– Saturday 20 June 2020

     The official opening and celebration of Qantas Founders Museum’s new Airpark Roof and spectacular Light and Sound Show.

  • Celebration of the Qantas Centenary Fly In – Friday 14 to Sunday 16 August 2020

     This weekend is designed for general aviators and enthusiasts alike to fly to Longreach, celebrate the centenary of Qantas and explore the many wonders of our outback town.

  • October Centenary Gala Weekend – Friday 2 to Sunday 4 October 2020

      A weekend of festivities, community activities and special events including an exclusive 1920s gala dinner on Friday 2nd October.

  • Qantas Centenary Birthday Week – Monday 16 November to Sunday 22 November 2020

      A week of activities to celebrate the Qantas centenary.

  • Celebrating the Centenary of Qantas Exhibition Series- January to December 2020
  1. Harry Rogers – Inspiring us to travel with Qantas
    3 February – 30 April 2020
  1. Icons of Australian Skies by Mark Wilson
    5 May – 2 August 2020
  1. Our Qantas, Our People
    5 August – 31 December 2020
  • Prizes and give-aways – January – December 2020

     Throughout the Qantas Centenary year, Qantas Founders Museum will be giving away specials and gifts to visitors such as books, DVDs, restaurant vouchers, aircraft tours and more to celebrate Qantas and its special year. 


The Celebration of the Qantas Centenary Program of Events is funded under the Year of Outback Tourism Events Program.

Tickets for the Celebration of the Qantas Centenary events will be available from early 2020.

Further details about Qantas Founders Museum’s events including the Celebration of the Qantas Centenary Program of Events can be found at: The Celebration of the Qantas Centenary Program of Events Leaflet is available here









Qantas Founders Museum is a not for profit organisation which tells the story of Australia’s national airline, Qantas Airways, and how it began in Western Queensland in 1920. The museum, which has an annual visitation of 47,000 people, holds a variety of exhibits, interactive displays, artefacts and aircraft including an original Qantas Boeing 747-238, Qantas’ first Boeing 707 – 138, a DC3, a Super Constellation and a Catalina flying boat together with replicas of early-era aircraft. To donate to the museum and its projects, go to: and follow the links or contact the museum by phone on: 07 4658 3737 or email:



Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services – QANTAS, was established on the 16 November 1920 with its office in Winton. The first Board Meeting of the airline was held in Winton in February 1921 when the airline decided to move its main operations to Longreach where they remained until 1930 when they moved their headquarters to Brisbane.

The early years of the airline were spent providing a passenger service to outback Queensland and the Northern Territory. The first scheduled flight occurred on 2 November 1922 from Charleville to Longreach and the first scheduled passenger service was on 3 November 1922 from Longreach to Cloncurry. As the company grew and aircraft developed, the Qantas routes increased with the first overseas service, in partnership with Imperial Airways, in 1934.

Qantas would fly a number of iconic aircraft including the Short S23 Flying Boats, DC-3 and Super Constellation before the arrival of the Jet Age with the Boeing 707 in 1959 and the Boeing 747 Jumbo in 1971.

Having operated for nearly 100 years, the history of Qantas is filled with incredible achievements, innovation, overcoming adversity and inspiring stories from Qantas staff and passengers.

For more information on the history of Qantas, please contact the media contact below.

Media Contact: Nicole Kuttner – Qantas Founders Museum – email or call 07 4658 3737 or 0428583787.



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