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Qantas Founders Museum to exhibit Internationally Acclaimed Artist Yayoi Kusama’s infinity art experience in Longreach, Queensland.

Qantas Founders Museum proudly announces a prominent artwork by the globally celebrated artist Yayoi Kusama, to be unveiled from 16 March to 22 September 2024 on loan from the National Gallery of Australia.

Kusama’s infinity experience THE SPIRITS OF THE PUMPKINS DESCENDED INTO THE HEAVENS will travel to Longreach in Western Queensland.

Renowned for her mesmerising installations, sculptures, and paintings characterized by recurring motifs such as dots, eyes, nets, and pumpkins, Kusama delves into the realms of repetition and sensory experiences. This immersive installation showcases Kusama’s signature style, inviting viewers into a mind-bending journey through vibrant colours, mirrors, and meticulously crafted pumpkin sculptures.

CEO of Qantas Founders Museum, Tony Cullen, expressed immense pride and privilege in collaborating with the National Gallery to grant such an iconic installation to regional Queensland. Mr Cullen highlighted the rare opportunity for the local community, schools, and visitors to engage with world-class contemporary art.

Senior Curator Sarah Johnson, Qantas Founders Museum, echoed the sentiment, emphasising the significance of featuring Kusama’s artwork in Longreach, extending the National Gallery’s collection to remote communities of western Queensland. She continued, “Kusama’s art is beloved worldwide, and people of all ages are encouraged to participate in this unique artistic encounter in our community”.

Dr. Nick Mitzevich, Director of the National Gallery, hailed Kusama as one of Japan’s most influential contemporary artists, with the mesmerising nature of the installation and its unparalleled visual appeal.

“I am thrilled that more people in regional Australia will be able to experience this remarkable artwork. The National Gallery’s Art Across Australia program will connect more people with extraordinary art from the national collection.”

The official unveiling of THE SPIRITS OF THE PUMPKINS DESCENDED INTO THE HEAVENS from the National Gallery will take place on March 15, 2024, at the Qantas Founders Museum, Longreach. Further details regarding public programs and announcements will be released soon.

This work of art is on loan from the National Gallery of Australia as part of Art Across Australia.

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Image caption: Yayoi Kusama, THE SPIRITS OF THE PUMPKINS DESCENDED INTO THE HEAVENS, 2017, National Gallery of Australia, Kamberri/Canberra, purchased 2018 with the assistance of Andrew and Hiroko Gwinnett. © YAYOI KUSAMA.



For additional information, please contact:

Sarah Johnson, Senior Curator, Qantas Founders Museum 

Phone: 07 4658 3737

Mobile: 0418 268 949

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Tony Cullen, CEO, Qantas Founders Museum

Phone: 07 4658 3737

Mobile: 0497 394 695

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