Qantas Founders Museum has an array of activities and exhibits to keep our younger visitors entertained. These include:

Cadets Corner

Cadets Corner Play Zone

On the south side of our museum we have an area dedicated to children where they can draw on the blackboard, colour in pictures, make paper planes and play with a collection of toys.

Young Flyers Activity Book

Qantas Founders Museum has designed two fun activity books to keep children entertained while visiting the museum. The books, which have been designed for children aged 4-7 years old and 8-12 year old, include quizzes, games, drawing and colouring in activities.

If you would like to download the Young Flyers Activity Books, click on the links below:

Young Flyers Activity Book 4-7 years

Young Flyers Activity Book 8 -12 years 


Museum Kids Trail

Kids Trail

Children (and their parents and guardians) can follow the aircraft “Alkira” through a series a signs around the Museum precinct. The Kids Trail highlights interesting facts about museum exhibits and objects and gets children to try and find answers to questions such as counting how many blades are in an aircraft engine or do you know what QANTAS stands for?


QAGOMA Kids on Tour program 

Every year Qantas Founders Museum hosts the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art’s Kids on Tour Program. Each program has a variety of activities introducing children to different styles of art and artists from all over the world. This program is free to attend. For more information about events at the museum go to or call 07 4658 3737.


Learn to be a Curator on the Cadet’s Tour

School Holiday Activities Tour

Every school holidays, Qantas Founders Museum offers activities for children visiting the Museum. These activities are designed for visitors for 4 -12 years old and all children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on this tour. For more information about the Museum’s school holiday activities, please check the Museum’s events page.

Interactive displays

Bristol Fighter Simulator

Qantas Founders Museum has many interactive displays for everyone to enjoy including:

  • Two interactive touch tables where you can learn about the early staff of Qantas and the involvement of the airline in Australia wars, conflicts and piece missions.
  • You can climb into the full size DH 61 replica and experience what it was like to be a passenger in the late 1920s with Qantas.
  • Experience what it was like to fly in the Qantas Double Sunrise Flights between 1942-1945 by boarding the Catalina Flying Boat and enjoying the audio simulation of a Double Sunrise Flights.
  • Want to know what it was like to be a pilot in the First World War? Try your luck flying the Bristol Fighter Simulator in the museum.


School Groups

Is your school planning to visit Qantas Founders Museum? We have a variety of options for your school group including:

  • Group rates for museum entry and guided aircraft tours
  • Flexibility in tour times for the guided aircraft tours.
  • Museum quizzes
  • In 2019, Qantas Founders Museum will provide education programs centered around the National Heritage Listed Qantas Hangar.

. To book your school visit contact Qantas Founders Museum on 07 46583737 or email


For more information about events at the museum go to