How long does it take to visit?

The Museum is self-guided; you can view the exhibits at your own pace. We recommend at least 2 – 4 hours allowing you to take in most of the exhibits. The average visitor will spend 4 hours in the Museum. The only access to the 747, 707 and DC-3 is with one of our guided tours. The tours range from 2 to 4 hours. More info can be found here.

Do I have to book in advance?

Yes. It is highly advisable to plan your visit in advance to ensure you allow enough time and secure the tours most suitable for you. During our peak season, from June through September, our tours are often sold out at least 24 hours in advance.

To make a booking, contact us directly: or phone (07) 4658 3737

Do I need to bring anything with me on the Tours?

A hat and sunscreen is advisable. We recommend bringing a water bottle. If you are on the 747 Wing Walk or Platinum Tours, you are required to wear fully enclosed shoes.

Can I split my visit across consecutive days?

Yes. The Museum admission can be split across two days by asking for a Pass Out. Staff will ask you for a form of identification (e.g. drivers license) and complete the Pass Out slip, which you can present with your identification the next day for re-admission.

Who qualifies for the Concession rate?

Anyone who holds a Commonwealth recognised Seniors card or valid Aged Pension card .

Are there food and beverage facilities at the Museum?

Yes. Our onsite restaurant, McGinness’, is fully licensed and open for Breakfast and Lunch seven days. Please be aware food and drink are not permitted inside the Museum or on the Tours.

Can I take pictures in the Museum and on the Tours?

Yes. You can take as many photos as you like, in all areas, with the exception of the Theatre.

Does the Museum close for part of the year?

The Museum is open 9am – 3pm daily closing 22 December – 4 January 2022.

Does the Museum cater to large groups?

Yes. The Museum can arrange special tours and opening hours for large groups. To find out more, contact us:

Can I book the Museum for my Function/Event?

Yes. The Museum has a range of rooms and equipment for hire. To find out more, contact us:

Is there parking for Buses/Caravans close to the Museum?

Yes. There are a few parking spaces for long vehicles available outside the Museum complex.

Is there disabled/wheelchair access on the Tours?

There is no wheelchair access to the Boeing 747 or 707. Customers with limited mobility are advised access to the Jets is via a steep staircase. Please ask for more information when you make your booking.

Is there disabled/wheelchair access to the Museum?

Yes. The Museum and Hangar are accessible by wheelchair. Wheelchairs are available on loan to customers who experience limited mobility.

Does the Museum accept Companion Cards?

The Museum is not formally affiliated with the Companion Card system. Customers holding a valid Companion Card will be granted free entry to the Museum only.

Do any of your aircraft still fly?

No. Qantas Founders Museum is a non-flying operation. To fly our aircraft would be cost-prohibitive and is beyond our current resources. Some of our aircraft flew to Longreach under a “Permit to Fly” for delivery only; however, all are now on static display so as to be more accessible to the general public.

Is the Museum owned by Qantas?

No. The Museum is owned by Qantas Foundation Memorial, a not-for-profit community group and registered charity. For more information, visit

Can I volunteer at the Museum?

Yes. From time to time, the Museum requires volunteers to assist with major projects, such as the painting of aircraft. For more information, contact us directly:

How do I donate to the Museum?

Financial donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. To make a donation, click here.

If you have an object or artifact you wish to donate, please contact our Curator, Tom Harwood: Object and artifact donations must be assessed for significance and approved by our Acquisitions Committee.

Does the Museum ever purchase exhibits from private collectors?

Not usually. The Museum is a not-for-profit community group and registered charity. We are unable to self-fund the purchase of artifacts or exhibits. We will only consider purchasing an item in exceptional circumstances and only after careful research and consideration by our Acquisitions Committee.

Does the Museum ever sell items to private collectors?

Yes. On rare occasions where we have multiple items in reasonable condition, or an item is deemed not significant, it may be possible to negotiate the purchase of items in our collection.

Where is the Flying Fortress?

Longreach was used as a base by three Flying Fortress squadrons of the United States Army Corps between May and July 1942. As part of the heritage trails network, some road signage has been installed pointing to the Airport precinct reading “WW2 Flying Fortress Base”. There is a plaque outside the original Qantas Hangar commemorating the Flying Fortress base. However; the Museum, being focused exclusively on the story of Qantas, does not have a Flying Fortress, nor does it contain any detailed information about Flying Fortress operations in Longreach during World War Two.

I have the first ever Qantas ticket. Do you want it?

No. In 1970, for the 50th anniversary of Qantas, the airline issued a limited edition of replicas of the Number 1 ticket. The Museum is often approached by people generously offering to donate it! The genuine article is part of the collection of the Royal Queensland Historical Society in the Commissariat Store in Brisbane.

Do current and former Qantas staff get free entry to the museum?

Yes they do! If you are a current or former Qantas staff member who is able to present their Employee ID card on arrival at the museum, you will receive free entry to the museum.