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  1. Greg says:

    This was the highlight of our visit to the region. We thoroughly enjoyed our day at the museum and would recommend it to everyone. Firstly the whole venue is very well presented and maintained. Staff are friendly, helpful and actually care about their visitors. The exhibits were attractively and thoughtfully displayed, and the history of the iconic QANTAS airline is presented in a highly engaging and effective manner. The 90 minute jet tour was awesome, made all the more enjoyable by the passion, knowledge and enthusiasm of our guide Tom, who is also the museum curator. The museum also has a great cafe and gift shop – we had the best lunch here of the whole trip. The Nancy Bird Burger was to die for! In conclusion, there are so many fascinating exhibits and truly inspirational stories at the QANTAS Founders Museum – it is a must for all Australians.

  2. Darren, Brisbane says:

    The QANTAS Founders museum is one of the most well thought out aviation museums that I have visited anywhere in the world. The exhibitions cover the full story of QANTAS from its humble early beginnings right through to the modern era. The numerous videos used throughout the museum are extremely informative with a number of the displays being interactive to appeal to younger visitors. Being able to walk around the original hanger which is set out as it was in the 1920s and early part of last century provides a real appreciation for the challenges of early passenger aviation. The 747 and 707 tours themselves enable visitors to see parts of these jets that are usually well hidden from sight and the guides are extremely knowledgeable, providing interesting commentary throughout the tour. I would allow a good 2.5hrs to half a day to appreciate everything in the museum as the tour of the planes themselves takes around 1.5hrs and there is lots to see.

  3. Cathie, Gympie says:

    Our visit to the museum was wonderful, but what topped it off was the excellent gluten free food on offer on the cafe menu. As a coeliac traveling in the outback, it is rare to have even I gluten free item available at any food stop. However, in the cafe there were many gluten free choices! I was in coeliac heaven!! After much deliberation I chose the “southern chicken” and it was delicious. Congratulations to the chef and kitchen staff for a wonderful selection of gluten free food.

  4. Shirley says:

    If you possibly can, take the two plane tours. The guides are interesting and well informed, and the tours are really good, even for non-techies. It adds an extra dimension to the museum exhibits you can visit afterwards. This is an outstanding museum.

  5. Tim Coyle says:

    I worked with QANTAS from 1965 to early 1991, serving mostly in the Flight Operations Department. My visit to the QANTAS Founders’ Museum was a great and nostalgic experience. I loved my time at QANTAS and the Museum has retained that aura of excitement and adventure that was the history of the airline.

    Although the industry has changed dramatically in the last 20 years the displays at the Museum, the aircraft tours and the wonderful original QANTAS hangar are national treasures. The display halls are modern and well laid out.

    I was particularly impressed with the young lady guide on the aircraft tours. Her technical knowledge so was good I asked her if she had worked in the industry. She said no and her knowledge was gained by training at the Museum.

    A great world class museum.

  6. James Chen says:

    Experience of a lifetime. I have done the platinum tour and walked the wing of both the 747-238b & 707-138b. I have wanted to come up and visit for many years especially after the arrival of the 747 & 707. Finally I have made it. The exhibits are informative and artifacts presented in original condition. I was also very impressed with the meals I had at mcguinness’ while I was visiting. They are well prepared, presented and delicious. Hats off to chef Jeff for that.

    I would like to thank the team behind this wonderful community based project for their hard work in presenting the company’s humble beginnings and to preserve some very important aircraft in the company’s history. I have enjoyed my time here and experienced many activities that i otherwise could not have done at work when I was working for the company.

    One simply can not call oneself an Aerosexual in Australia without making the trek to the town of Longreach in outback Queensland and visiting the birthplace of our flag carrier at the Qantas founders museum. It’s a long way from home but ultimately was a worthwhile rewarding and satisfying experience. I’m glad I made it and will be flying home very high.

  7. Margaret Hall says:

    My husband and I recently spent a full day at the museum. Words cannot express what a wonderful time we had. We booked the Platinum Tour which includes everything, even our lunch and photographs and our guide was exceptional. The Boeing 747, EBQ, I have actually flown on. We saw all the ins and outs of this amazing aircraft. The Boeing 707 was also interesting. I had never seen a private jet up close – what a way to travel. One of my highlights was the Catalina Flying Boat with its new coat of paint. (Well done Adam from Qantas Engineering, Brisbane) It was gleaming in the sun. Qantas operated these aircraft after WW2 from Rose Bay (RSE) in Sydney. They have always fascinated me and to be able to go inside one was amazing. The original Qantas Hangar engrossed me. It took me back to the beginning of Qantas. The (modern) museum was fabulous. It is filled with interactive displays, video clips full of history, full size aircraft models and much, much more like a Ford Model T, aircraft engines and Qantas uniforms from the past of which I have worn 4. I have worked for Qantas for 27 years and this was my first visit to Longreach although it has been on my bucket list for years. Why did I wait so long? My thanks to all the staff especially Peter, Tom, Nicole and Tony for. You are not only preserving the story of Qantas but are sharing it with the world through your wonderful museum. Thank you. Margaret Hall. Brisbane. October 2015.

  8. Gordon Robbins says:

    In 1953 my two sisters and brother and I began travelling to school in Perth from the “Far East”. We flew Shell Company “Prince” aircraft from Labuan Island to Singapore “unaccompanied” . We stayed in the Raffles Hotel overnight and then we were collected by a friend of our parents to travel to school ( Guildford Grammar School) and St Hildas in Perth by Qantas Super Constellation . It was an 18 hour flight via Jakarta and Cocos Island. I have in my possession an original certificate issued by Qantas Empire Airways Ltd to me in 1957 for “crossing the Equator”.. I also have a bag issued to passengers by QEA. If the museum would like these items I am happy to donate them to the museum.

    • Tony Martin says:

      Dear Gordon

      Thank you for your message and kind offer of donating items to the museum. Our Curator will be in contact with you next week.

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