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Book your international flight into Australia with Qantas and unlock Qantas Passenger Perks – a selection of hand-picked deals on iconic Australian experiences.


Qantas Founders Museum Offer Details

As part of our participation in this great program, Qantas Founders Museum is happy to provide the following offer exclusively to Qantas passengers holding a valid international Qantas Booking Reference Number.

Buy any ticket or experience at Qantas Founders Museum for 20% off the experience value!

When Qantas passengers book their experience through our online booking system, they are required to enter the promo-code QFPERKS2023 to receive the discount.

Guests booking this offer must present an international boarding pass upon entry to the Museum. Please be advised failure to present an international boarding pass may result in being denied the Passenger Perks discount.

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Validity / Eligibility for Qantas Passenger Perks (QPP) Experiences

You can book 1 or more Qantas Passenger Perks offers if you are travelling between June 5, 2023 and June 30, 2024 inclusive on an international Qantas marketed flight(s) into Australia.

A Qantas marketed flight must contain the airline code QF (for Qantas) on the ticket. This includes flights booked via a travel agent; travel manager or online travel agent, as well as on

For flights with one (1) international connection or more, at least one of the international flights must feature a QF number on the ticket.

Qantas marketed flights on Domestic routes within Australia are not eligible for this offer.



Redeeming your QPP Experience:

Your Qantas Passenger Perks experience(s) must be booked for a date that falls within the same travel period as your Qantas international flight into and out of Australia.

To redeem your Qantas Passenger Perks experience you must present your Qantas Booking Reference Number, in person, when you arrive. Examples include providing the ticket confirmation email with your Qantas Booking Reference Number, showing your booking in the Qantas App, or showing your pre-departure communications from Qantas/booking agent which contains the

Booking Reference Number.

You may be refused entry or fulfillment of the offer if proof of the Booking Reference Number associated with a valid Qantas ticket is not valid as per the above eligibility, or presented, in person, at the time of redemption.

Qantas Passenger Perks experiences are subject to availability and not all experiences may be available at all times. Qantas Founders Museum is closed from 2pm on Friday 22 December 2023 and reopens at 9am on Monday 8 January 2024.

This offer does not apply to Qantas Staff (current or retired) as there are discounts already available to Qantas Staff.

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